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Kids Are Being Harmed

As of January 1, 2024, only a handful of states require dedicated credit courses teaching financial literacy, and most students are not receiving foundational guidance in the home.

According to the Brookings Institute, “American high school students routinely fail tests that evaluate their financial knowledge and are ill-prepared to face important decisions about borrowing, saving, investing, and planning for their financial futures.”



Key Financial Factors


Behavioral Economists have outlined four factors that influence living, positively or negatively, regarding financial habits and behaviors:

  1. Future Concept: Creating a vision for financial wellness

  2. Impulsiveness: Inability to tolerate waiting (self-soothing)

  3. Materialism: Things and comfort dominate decision-making 

  4. Financial Literacy: Knowing how to manage your finances 


Struggle = Stress

Financial stress is a major problem causing many to experience PTSD-like symptoms, such as fear, anxiety, hypervigilance, avoidance of financial tasks and responsibilities, nightmares, and physical and mental dis-ease.


Teaching trauma-informed curricula in conjunction with self-awareness and self-regulation tools can help students live healthier, more productive experiences. 

Why Web3?

Tech, labor, commerce, monetary policy, currency, machine intelligence and more are rapidly evolving. Inclusion in an emerging and inevitable Web3 world, a blockchain-based internet of value, is a confidence-inspiring necessity. Digital asset ownership instantly alchemizes students' limiting beliefs and helps shift mindsets from "Liability Managers" to "Asset Owners."


Ownership and inclusion are critical to future concept, as they help shorten the perceived gap between the present self and the potential self, making the future feel more tangible and realistic, often resulting in more rational financial behavior.

Mindset Matters

Financial knowledge is helpful, but it is insufficient by itself. Studies have revealed how future concept, impulsiveness, and materialism have substantially higher impact on behaviors, positive or negative, than financial literacy.


Combining future concept with financial literacy and self-awareness helps orient students away from their limiting beliefs and self-sabotage toward a healthier, more engaged and rewarding life experience. Increasing students' emotional intelligence is key!

Our Mission

To educate and empower students in areas of financial literacy, Web3 protocols (blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, metaverse operations, virtual and augmented reality, etc.), and mindset awareness.


The goal is to diminish the digital divide by accelerating the integration and informed adoption of digital currencies and related Web3 technologies through our blockchain-inspired learn-and-earn platform and mindset-awareness prompts.

Our Vision

To contribute toward the emergence of a bolder, more confident student population who are armed with a fundamental knowledge of relevant financial literacy concepts, emerging Web3 technologies, and an understanding of how they personally think, feel, and react to (and may be triggered by) everyday events, which co-creates their daily experiences and subconscious ceilings.

Our Services

Diced Digital offer schools, school districts, and funded after-school programs a subscription to our asynchronous service for 7th through 12th graders that gives your students access to our transformative, web-accessible curricula that:

  • Exceeds financial literacy standards

  • Is trauma-informed 

  • Has 1:1 literacy to mindset learning

  • Offers critical Web3 guidance 

  • Is bolstered by our immersive site

  • Pays ₿itcoin for every learning action

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