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Privacy Policy

Diced Digital, LLC (“Diced Digital” or “we” or "us") is dedicated to the safe collection and secure management of your personal and digital-asset data. By using the Diced Digital website, app, or related services (collectively the “Services”), you give consent for the collection, use, and selective disclosure of certain information. The information we collect, and how that information is used, protected, and shared, is explained in this Privacy Policy.



Your school provides information to Diced Digital in accordance with state and federal student privacy laws. Diced Digital also may collect information from you (the student) when you perform certain acts, including, but not limited to:


  • Sign up for, or sign in to, your Diced Digital account

  • Sign up to receive SMS (text message) notifications

  • Use, or otherwise interact with, our FAQs section

  • Engage with us through social media

  • Communicate with us, which may include, for example, requests for support or tech help

  • Respond to assessments, polls, emails, SMS messages, or related direct inquiries 

  • Interact with our website, App, Services, and related learning content 


Varieties of Information


The varying forms of information we collect directly from you will depend upon the services you use, how you use them, and your responses. This may include, but may not be limited to, your:

  • Log-in details, such as your unique password

  • Your Google photo if you use Google login (Gmail)

  • Telephone number, secondary email address, and other identifiers needed for identity verification and safe-keeping of your digital assets

  • Other information, such as profile and dashboard information

  • Direct inquiries (requests, questions, communications), or other data you submit to us

  • Activity across our Services


Server Log Files

We may track and retain certain information in server logs record when you are engaging the Services. This may include your web requests, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, browser type and settings, frequency and pattern of your interactions with the Services, metadata, and other similar information.


Device Identifiers

Diced Digital may collect device information, such as the type of device you are using, the operating system, and mobile information. We may cross-reference this device identifier with your Diced Digital profile. We may use the information we collect to help provide you with a seamless experience across browsers and devices.



We use cookies, and other tracking technologies, such as Internet server logs and tags, to identify your device, log your preferences and settings, track the the Services you have visited and used, and to perform analytics, provide security, and enhance your user experience. “Cookies” are small files placed on your device that assist us in providing customized services. The three most common forms of cookies are: (1) authentication cookies, (2) functionality cookies, and (3) tracking/ optimization/ targeting cookies.



We use third-party web analytics services to collect and analyze data and information, and to learn more to create and deliver the highest quality experience we can for our students and schools. 



We may share your information with select third parties to help us deliver our Services to the best of our abilities. We may be required to disclose your information for legal reasons, such as in response to subpoenas, court orders, or to defend against legal claims. We also may disclose your information to support an investigation, or to prevent a crime. This may involve sharing your information with state or federal law enforcement, government agencies, courts, and other organizations.

We may transfer your information to a new owner so that the Services can continue to operate. If so, your information would be protected by this Privacy Policy, as well as any additional applicable laws.

We may also disclose your information to third parties with your prior consent.     



We will retain your information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, or as required or permitted by law.

To access, review, update and/or delete certain user profile information, you may update and/or delete certain user profile information by logging into the Website or App and updating your account, or by contacting us at


We will implement reasonable security procedures consistent with industry standards to protect your information.  We cannot guarantee security of information we collect or that you provide. If you have any questions about how we protect your information, you can contact us at


The Services we provide contain proprietary information that we deem to be confidential. This includes our videos, questions and answers, mindset materials, and related data. You may not copy, rebrand, sell, or otherwise disclose such information for commercial gain or benefit. 


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Our most recent version will govern our collection and use of your information, and will always be available and updated on the website. Consent to changes to this Policy will be deemed given by your continued use of our Services. 


If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this Privacy Policy, please email us at

Effective Date: January 31, 2023

Last Reviewed: February 1, 2024

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